Salt cod brandade

Chef, Jason Parsons shares his delicious salt cod brandade recipe. it is theperfect brunch staple and can be served cold, hot, and even breaded.



  • Place the salt cod in a container and run under cold water for 30 minutes. This will remove a lot of the salt and reconstitute the cod.
  • Next add the cod into a kitchen aid mixer and whip with the paddle until nice a flaky.
  • Boil the potatoes whole, skin on until they are cooked through. Strain the potatoes and while they are hot peel and drop into the mixer with the flaky cod.
  • Now add the capers, shallots, gherkins, mustard, herbs, lemon juice/zest, extra virgin olive oil and white pepper. Mix with the paddle until everything is even through and the potatoes are fluffy.
  • Check for seasoning, usually you do not need to add salt because of the cod but you should always check before serving.

Brandade can we serve cold, hot, fried or even breaded and deep fried. It is a great brunch staple.

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