Updating your wardrobe is easy when you can add a few unique pieces that instantly transform your look. Plus, 3 Cityline viewers get a fabulous, fresh makeover.
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Tracy’s clothing provided by Freda's

Tracy’s shoes provided by Town Shoes

Products and Services

Instagram: @ivagrbesic


Spring Pants and Shoes Segment

Outfit 1

Top: Ann Taylor

Pants: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Ann Taylor & Joe Fresh


Outfit 2

Blazer: Aritzia

Top: Aritzia

Pants: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Town Shoes & Cougar & Banana Republic


Outfit 3

Blazer - Aritzia

Top - Aritzia

Pants - Ann Taylor

Shoes - Town Shoes & Cougar  & Banana Republic


Iva's Outfit

Burgundy Flounce Shirt Dress - $39.00

Black Ruffle High Heel Pump - $39.00


Makeover Look 1

Print Sleeveless Blouse - $24.00

Juniper Green Essential Cardigan - $19.00

Dark Vintage Denim Skirt - $29.00

Black Faux Leather Tote - $34.00

Black Suede Block Heel - $39.00

Gold Earrings - $10.00

Gold Bracelette - $16.00


Makeover Look 2 

Dark Vintage Sleeveless Denim Dress - $34.00

Fern Green Tie Waist Park - $49.00

White Slip on Sneaker - $29.00

Navy Scarf - $16.00

Gold Bracelet - $16.00

Gold Earrings - $10.00


Makeover Look 3

Navy Front Tie Blazer - $39.00

Navy Cropped Pleated Pant - $34.00

Hunter Green Print Silk Cap Sleeve Blouse - $49.00

Black Hobo Bag - $39.00

Silver Bracelets - $16.00

Blue Earrings - $14.00


All makeover outfits available at Joe Fresh

Products and Services

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Instagram: @wjrbeauty


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Instagram: @derek.selby


Products and Services

Instagram: @dino.dilio

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Instagram: @janetjacksonhairstylist & @joujouhair


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Products and Services

Instagram: @janicemeredithstyle


Statement Pieces


Silver Loafers: Marshalls

Silver Booties: Hudson's Bay

Jewelled slides: Winners

Snake skin slides: Hudson's Bay



Orange Cross body: Topshop

Embellished grey structured bag: Topshop

Jewelled Square Bag: Winners

Single Hand bag: Winners



Navy Fitted Rain Trench Winners

Red Coat: Banana Republic

Textured Fringe Coat: Club Monaco

Structured Sleeves: Banana Republic



T-shirt: Topshop

Trench: Banana Republic

Jeans: Topshop

Sneakers: Marshalls

Sunglasses: Topshop

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Hi Cityline,

This is regarding the recommendation of Intermittent Fasting as a “Healthy Lifestyle” practice.

I think it’s important to know that IF requires a person to deny his/her body’s hunger cues. Hunger cues are there for a reason and deny/disconnect with the body’s requests is a very UNHEALTHY practice. I’m very disappointed to hear this recommended by a doctor. This is all not to mention the blood sugar fluctuations during IF that may be very dangerous to some individuals. Let’s also not forget how Intermittent Fasting and denying hunger can trigger disordered eating.

I’d love to see more programming that supports intuitive eating and how to reconnect with and respect the cues our bodies give us. The more we distrust our bodies, the worse off we are. Come on, folks. Come on, Dr. Shulman.

March 07, 2018 at 3:05 pm

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