Your guide to a sexy (and fun) Valentine's Day with mood-setting dishes and the communication keys to a successful marriage.
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6 Secrets To A Successful Marriage 


1) They Socialize With Other Thriving Couples

Couples who are thriving hang out with other couples who are thriving (not only to learn from each other but also to be inspired by each other)!


2) They Practise The 5:1 Rule 

The Gottman Institute has found that thriving couples have a ration of 5:1 ratio of positive interactions compared to negative ones (compared to 8:1 in unhealthy relationships).


3) They Have Sex Min. 1 x Per Week

Research from Society for Personality & Social Psychology says that as long as couples are having sex 1x per week they are more likely to be happy. They also found that more sex does not equal more happiness but rather having a strong emotional connection is most important.


4) They Prioritize Their Relationship ALONE Without The Kids

They know that a thriving relationship needs time and investment! They put their marriage first & kids second!


5) They Kiss For 10 Seconds

When couples intentionally kiss for 10 seconds (not a quick peck) – it highlights that special bond that only they have!


6) They Are Playful

University of California has found that thriving couples are playful (nicknames, poking fun at each other) keeping their family culture fun, lighthearted and relaxed!

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