Learn what personality type you are (+ why it matters), making soup stock 101, and a workout for a strong core.
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Core Strength


CORE: The core just isn't about your abs and that six pack, think of it as your body's power house. You want to build not only the outer layer of core muscles that you can see, but you also want to be sure to strengthen those deep internal core muscles, the ones that are close to the spine.

Having a stronger core helps with preventing injuries (esp back related injuries) and improves your posture. A strong Core also gives you power and strength in your everyday activist, whether its more powerful moves at the gym with your lifts and burpees, or doing every day activities in your life, lifting groceries, carrying suitcases or giving your kids a piggy back.



It's Important to work the core from different angles to target all the different muscles that make up the core. To work the entire core, I like to do a combination and different variations of crunches and planks.

1) Diamond Crunch

2) Plank to pike

3) Plank with knee tuck

4) Plank with dumbell pass through

5) Bicycle scissor kicks

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