New Afternoon Time For CityLine!

You can now catch CityLine at a new time in the afternoon! We're now on at 5pm in the East and 6pm in the West!

Hey CityLine fans! We’re now airing at a new time in the afternoon. You can now catch your favourite lifestyle show at 5pm in the East, and 6pm in the West.

Our morning airtime of 9am remains unchanged, although now viewers in Western Canada can also see us at 9am local time. And we’re still on mid-afternoon, at 1pm in Vancouver and 2pm everywhere else. In Winnipeg we’re also airing at 10pm.

CityLine is the longest running and most successful daytime show for women in Canadian

Host Tracy Moore brings her energy and enthusiasm along
with her charismatic personality and flare for style – making her a
perfect fit for Canada’s top source for the latest in home decor, food,
fashion, health and beauty.

CityLine engages, entertains and informs
viewers across Canada with its unique live format and daily themed
approach. As familiar and trusted guest experts visit the set, viewers
are treated to professional tips covering such topics as décor,
entertaining, fashion, beauty, home and gardening.

New CityLine airtimes:

9AM/ 2PM / 5PM

9AM/ 1PM/ 6PM

Calgary/ Edmonton
9AM/ 2 PM/ 6PM

11AM/ 2PM/ 10PM 

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Tracy on Twitter @tracycityline

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