Sleepover Tips: How to Host or Send Your Child to a Slumber Party

Hosting a sleepover can be a little overwhelming if you don't plan it out correctly.

Hosting a sleepover can be a little overwhelming if you don’t take the time to plan it out correctly.  Parenting Expert Kathy Buckworth shared her top tips when it comes to hosting or sending your child to a sleepover.

Hosting a Sleepover:

1. Make sure you have contact numbers for all of the kids’ parents in case of emergencies.

2. Ensure you are able to get a feel for the kids’ group dynamic and figure out what will entertain them best.

3. Take the time to setup a sleeping space for everyone. Depending on the child, they may not be comfortable sharing a bed, or sleeping on the floor.

4. Be sure to plan activities, but ensure that it is child-directed at the same time. Let the kids lead their day and have some control.

5. Set up scheduled bedtime routines (i.e. brushing their teeth), so that everything is done before the kids crawl into bed. 

6. Make morning plans. Ensure the kids have a quick breakfast and that you have the departure hours, as many kids have Saturday or Sunday morning activities set for the day ahead.

Sending your child to a Sleepover:

1. Make sure your kids are comfortable with the parents, and are willing to openly-communicate if/when there are any issues.

2. Gauge your child’s comfort and “abandonment” planning, if they ever suddenly become homesick.

3. Pack comfort items for your child (i.e. stuffed toy, blanket).

4. Review the morning schedule, including when you’ll be picking your child up for Saturday/Sunday morning activities.

5. Maintain open communication and check in with parents frequently, if needed.

Courtesy Kathy Buckworth


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