's Holiday Gift Guide: Dr. Joey's top 5 healthy gifts

Need help buying the perfect gift this holiday season? Dr. Joey Shulman shares her healthy present picks.

Need help buying the perfect gift this holiday season? We’ve asked some of our guest experts for their top present picks, based on their area of expertise.

Here, Dr. Joey Shulman shares her top 5 healthy gift ideas:

1. Dark chocolate: “Whether it’s dark chocolate truffles, or a bar, that’s a staple that has to go in there,” Joey says. Consider packaging together a selection of dark chocolates.

2. Lavender: Joey’s a big fan of adding a hint of lavender to a gift, whether that’s soap, shampoo, or a sachet of lavender to fragrance a room. “Especially in the wintertime, I find [lavender] very relaxing,” Joey says.

3. Herbal tea: An assortment of herbal and green teas is a great bet. Among Joey’s favourites: chamomile, chai, blueberry, matcha. For more on the health benefits of tea, read Joey’s blog here.

4. Beeswax candle: “I like putting in things that make your office or home smell good, so beeswax candles are fantastic,” notes Joey. They come in tea lights as well as standard candles. “They’re a little bit more expensive, but they clean the air and I think people really appreciate that at this time of year when there are lots of coughs, colds, and flus around.”

5. Baked goods: Joey always gifts homemade goodies, as they come from the heart and are always appreciated by loved ones. Try Joey’s Sinless Truffles — they are to-die-for!

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