How to stay fit while at the office

Laurie Jennings shares her top ways to manage and track your calories burned throughout the day.

70 per cent of us spend six or more hours a day in a chair, and even weekly workouts aren’t enough to offset the damage of too little movement.

“Walking at work is part of a growing trend to get us off our butts during the workday — and it couldn’t come at a better time,” says Chatelaine‘s Laurie Jennings. She stopped by Cityline to share her top ways to manage and track your calories burned throughout the day.

The importance of finding little ways to move every hour is key, Laurie recommends. Standing for just two minutes every 20 minutes can fight the unhealthy effects of sitting, and try to find ways to sneak in movement: stand, stretch, do a few squats, or sit on a fitness ball.

Most people will see immediate health results—blood pressure will drop, blood sugar will stabilize, and the enzymes that help break up fat in your bloodstream will fire up.

After two weeks, research shows, you’ll even begin producing more brain cells, particularly those related to memory and learning.

Take a look at the difference:

  • Sitting vs. walking: Walking burns an extra 126 calories/hour
  • Sitting vs. standing: Standing burns an extra 56 calories/hour
  • Emailing a co-worker vs. walking over: Walking burns an extra 12 calories

Personal fit trackers will help you manage and track your fitness throughout the day. Here’s how it works:

  1. Every time you move, the sensor logs it—whether you’re walking, dancing or gardening.
  2. There is no on-off switch.  The sensor tracks your distance, calories burned and time you’re active each day.
  3. It synchronizes your data to a private online profile.  No cables, no hassle, say the creators.  It’s a great motivator with tools online to keep you moving!  Best of all, it’s very affordable!