How to take your workout outside

Keep these 10 things in mind when taking your workout into the sunshine!

If it’s difficult to hit the gym during the winter, it’s even tougher in the summer when the weather is so beautiful! Why not take your workout outdoors and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts? There are a lot of benefits to exercising outside; you can blast away the calories on different terrain and it’s more budget-friendly than the gym! Here are 10 things to keep in mind when taking your workout outdoors.

Have the right equipment:
Depending on what activity you’re planning on doing, make sure you have the proper equipment. Good running shoes for running or hiking, a yoga mat for yoga in the park, or a protective helmet for biking are all must-have items.

Be aware of the weather:
Check the weather before you head outdoors. Is it going to be sunny? Better load up on the SPF! Is it raining? Probably not the best time to head out on the lake!

Know what’s going on:
Know what’s going on in your neighbourhood; talk to friends and neighbours to hear what they’re doing. There might be some fun outdoor exercise opportunities you would otherwise miss. Join the local outdoor bootcamp classes or a running group.

Try a variety:
The best thing about taking your workouts outside is that you’re no longer tied to an expensive gym and you can change up your workout routine all the time! Hit the beach for some calorie-melting stand-up paddleboarding, or head out on a trail for a long bike ride.

Sign up for a class:
The summer is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone; why not sign up for a class? There are a variety of classes available for adults. Look for tennis lessons or give rowing a try.

Safety first:
Make sure you are in a safe environment for all of your activities, with the proper safety equipment and lots of water to keep hydrated. Don’t forget about sunscreen!

Get a workout buddy:
Having a workout buddy will keep you motivated and accountable, plus it’s fun to catch up and spend time with friends!

Have some fun with the kids:
Get out in the backyard or head to the park after work for a family game of soccer or Frisbee. You’ll be getting some exercise and some family fun, plus your kids will be active!

Set your own schedule:
Since you’re not bound to gym classes and hours, you can schedule your workouts whenever it is convenient for you! Knowing what works for your body is helpful when planning your workouts.

Join a league:
There are lots of women’s and men’s leagues out there for all types of sports. It’s a great way to make exercise fun again, and being a responsible team member means making exercising a priority. Get a group of pals together and join a league!

With these 10 things in mind, you will be enjoying the outdoors and staying fit all summer!