Cityline viewers' messages to Tracy on her 1000th show

We asked you to share your messages for and memories of Tracy to help celebrate her 1000th show – we loved what you sent us!

To help celebrate Tracy’s 1000th show, we asked you, our beloved viewers, to share your congratulatory messages, your memories, and your photos. Wow, did you ever deliver!

We’ve collected as many as we could in the messages and photo gallery below – a huge thank you to everyone who emailed us!

Messages to Tracy:

Congratulations and thanks for making our days a little brighter! — Debbie S.

I live in B.C. Love your show Tracy. So classy, so informative and just a really well done show. Thank you so much. Congrats on the 1000th episode. Wish you many many more. Thanks again. A real class act. — Danny S.

A BIG BIG congratulations to you Tracy, I love your show, I try not to miss any day. My favorite is Fashion Friday, Unfortunately I have an appointment every Friday, so I tape each Friday and watch it early Saturday morning. You are not only a wonderful host, a beautiful looking lady, you have a great personality, I love it when you steal the food (chocolate chips) from the guests’ recipes. Love the personalities you have on, Love Lynn Spence, she is my fav. You Tracy make the show interesting, and informative. Hope you stay for many many more years! — Your fan, Barbara

Well done Tracy you are always happy and friendly and fun, keep it up, here’s to the next thousand! — Deb

The special one has to be with her mom for the Mother’s Day….Tracy shared her pics of when she was little with her I think older sister and her mom. That was a beautiful show…I am sure it touched many hearts especially those without a mother. Congratulations Tracy and many many more! — All the best, Christina D.

Congratulations Tracy on your 1000th show…i always try to start my mornings with Cityline…i learn so many things and you definitely make it fun! — Best wishes from, Roma Z.

Congratulations Tracy. Well done! I enjoy your shows – you have a great personality. — A Calgary fan, Rae B.

Inspired by Tracy’s Home Day guest experts, we created an over the top feature wall in our small main floor study. Just finished today. It was a too-small dining room; now we use it all the time. We framed and matted our autograph collection and voila! Huge impact when you catch sight of it from the main hall! Every item has a special meaning for us. Thanks Tracy! — Bruce S.

Wow! what an event! Continued success, Tracy. Wish I could attend a show but tape it every day. — Joyce R.

Thanks for the opportunity to say thank-you! Love the show, wish I could watch more often! Her enthusiasm is infectious, her smile dazzling and her own personal growth and transformation inspirational. I’m 50 plus … you’re fabulous! — Aida B.

By watching your show during my rehabilitation and learning to live again, you have helped me believe at times when I didn’t think I could. Together, Tracy, you have been there when I recovered from cancer twice, 6 back surgeries and a ruptured brain aneurysm and brain surgery, and now learning life all over during divorce! You always are my radiant beam of hope each day and even if the topics have nothing to do with my life, Tracy’s sense of humor and never-ending caring demeanor make you want to stay tuned in! Way to go kiddo, keep up the amazing show that only you can do and be real about it, and from the absolute bottom of my heart, thank you a million times over for just being you! — Kelly M.

In February of 2012 my Mom and I attended your family day show. It was super fun and we made a whole daytrip out of it, having coffee at the diner next door then lunch later at Timmies. I remember the day fondly. During the show we sat in the very back row and every time the camera even looked our way, she would grab my leg and say they were filming us again. Lol, she was so excited – we had never done anything like that together. After we were leaving we ran into Tracy in the front entranceway, my Mom gave her a hug, she was so excited to meet a celebrity, she even said to me later “You didn’t get a hug, but I did.” I luckily remembered to PVR the show, because sadly she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that June and I lost her September 27th. Cityline and Tracy you help me remember my Mom. Every time I watch your show I think of the last really fun day we had together, or I watch the taped show from that day and I am able to see us sitting together knowing that the looks on our faces are because we are giggling that the camera is on us. Because of you I have a moment etched in time that is not just a memory and I want to thank you so very much for that. And that hug, I know that hug made her day even that much more exciting. So here is to 1000 shows of not only entertaining, but touching people’s lives. Best wishes and 1000 more. — Chantelle M.

Hi Tracy, congratulations to you for your 1000th Show, you are an inspiration to everyone, your positiveness, beauty, outlook in life, your love for your kids, you’re a role model for the youth of today, and you put a smile on everyone you meet. Congrats, many more years of success. — Anna

Congrats to Tracy My daughter and I came down to your show and had a great time. I love the show and Tracy. I enjoy the show and all the great laughs with guests that appear. You deserve all the best Love you. — Carol P.

Congratulations, Tracy! It is always so much fun to watch your show…. informative AND Canadian. Your staff deserves kudos for all the work that goes into each program. Love especially the Thursday decorating shows. The humour, naturalness, and your ease in front of the camera make for an hour of entertainment that goes by in the wink of an eye. Looking forward to many more. If and when you take your show on the road, come visit Montreal. Your fan base is growing with Citytv now here. It would be great to have you here. — Best regards, Carole F.

Hey Tracy, Congratulations on 1000th show. Hope the next 1000th show will be as successful. — Love you,Velma

Messages have been condensed for length and content.

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hi tracy! congradulations!!!! the first time my daughters, and husband and i ever met you we thought wow, what a lady, so down to earth, for a celebrity, on tv. we just all love watching you every morning like you family is everthing for us, and you have a lovely family your kids have grown up so fast!both cutie petuties like mom and dad!! we hope much more years of sucess, and being the no1 morning show in the mornings!! thankyou for comming into our living rooms in the morning and starting our days off! congradulations tracy!!!! luv from cathy &bob and family oshawa ont.!!!!!!

October 08, 2013 at 10:29 am

congradulations tracy!!! my family and i have been on your show, and what you see on tv is what you see in person you are an amazing lady and so sweet and down to earth in person. we never miss watching you! like you my family is everything to me! you have a wonder family! your kids have grown up so fast! all the best of many many more years on city line!!! luv from cathy &bob& family oshawa ont.

October 08, 2013 at 10:40 am

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