Gift ideas for your teachers, babysitters and more

While you’re busy getting gifts for all your friends and family members, don’t forget about the other important people in your life – teachers, babysitters and dog walkers!

While you’re busy getting gifts for all your friends and family members, don’t forget about the other important people in your life – for instance teachers, babysitters and dog walkers. Kathy Buckworth shares her great, unique gift ideas, ones you might not have considered. “These are the gifts for the people in your life that help make your life a little bit easier,” says Kathy.

Gift ideas for teachers: 

“Teacher gifts can be a tricky one in the sense that kids really want to give them and it’s really more about the kids than it is about the teachers,” says Kathy. She polled a group of teachers to see what they really want this holiday season.

For high school teachers:

Handwritten cards

“High school teachers don’t really get anything,” says Kathy. A handwritten card is a great idea to get some bonus points from teachers. If you’re not convinced about a handwritten note, there are lots of other possible gifts, just stay away from clothing. Says Kathy, “It’s too personal!”

For elementary school teachers:

School supplies

“I know so many teachers who spend their hard-working money buying supplies for the classroom,” says Kathy. The great thing about gifting school supplies is that it benefits not only the teachers but your kids as well.

Office supplies

“For the teacher themselves, there is this great new Kate Spade line at Indigo, ” says Kathy. Office supplies are something to make their desks a little nicer. This line is full of cute notebooks, pens and mugs.


“Teachers do say that they get a lot of candles,” says Kathy but she adds that these are great consumable gifts. For something extra special, look for a scented candle.

Personalized tree decorations

Kathy recommends a handmade gift, such as a personalized tree ornament to show your appreciation for all their hard work.

For the babysitter or nanny:

Personalized, painted pottery

A personalized art piece made by your child is always a welcome gift. For an extra sentimental gift, include your child’s handprint or footprint on the piece.

Nail polish, lip gloss etc.

For your teenage babysitter look for something fun, “Nail polish or lip balm are great for the teenage babysitter who might not be able to afford them herself,” says Kathy.

Gift cards

“Gift certificates are always welcome, just pick the one that’s appropriate – don’t be giving the LCBO one to your 16 year old babysitter!” jokes Kathy, she recommends picking a gift card that you really know they’ll enjoy whether it be to their favourite clothing store, coffee shop or to the movies.

For your dog walkers:

“I don’t actually have a dog myself, but I see dog walkers out there in the freezing cold doing the right thing for your beloved pet,” says Kathy. If you want to go the sentimental route, you could gift a tree ornament with a photo of your dog. Kathy points out that these dog walkers are out there braving the elements every day for your pet, so something like a nice umbrella, mittens or a scarf may fit the bill.

For your cleaning lady:

If you’re fortunate enough to have a cleaning lady, Kathy recommends giving them cash as a practical gift that they can use how they wish.

For more great gift ideas, watch the clip below!