WATCH: Mairlyn Smith interviews author Brian Payton

Find out all about why Payton decided to write a war novel set in the Aleutians and what the novel's title means to him.

Have you been reading Brian Payton’s The Wind is Not a River along with the Cityline Book Club? Our very own Mairlyn Smith was recently in Vancouver (which is where Payton lives) so we sent her to meet him at our City Vancouver studio to chat about his wonderful novel.

Watch the video below to find out why Payton decided to write a war novel set in the Aleutians, how he weaved his two protagonists’ stories together, and what the novel’s title means to him.

Are you enjoying The Wind is Not a River so far? Share your thoughts in the comments – we can’t wait to discuss it with you. Stay tuned for our list of more great novels that feature a back-and-forth narrative structure, coming up right here in the Cityline Book Club next week!

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