Build your spring look

From hair to makeup to fashion, we've got the three key steps to creating your perfect spring style.

Spring is just around the corner but right now we’re stuck in what seems to be one of the coldest Canadian winters yet. It’s hard to dress accordingly for the indoors when our main focus is trying to keep warm while we’re outside. The three T’s, Tomara Patchett, Tracy Peart and Tyler Franch are here to help you build your spring look in three easy steps!

Step one: Spring hair with Tomara Patchett, hair stylist

If you like to wear a hat to keep warm, like our model Ali, that is the first thing to go when you get inside. And guess what’s underneath? Hat head, and probably a little bit of frizz.

Tomara gets rid of Ali’s middle part and instead gives her a nice deep side part. To do this, place your part way to the side and it will give you volume. If you don’t feel like you have enough hair for this look, a trick is to part your hair at the side until you’ve reached about the middle part of your head and continue the part sideways towards the opposite side of the head. This way, the back of your hair is still placed evenly on either side. Any easy way to maintain your hair (especially in the windy weather!) is to give it some loose curls. And if you have a frizz-fighting cream or an volumizing powder, these products will help freshen up your look once you get inside.

Step two: Spring makeup with Tracy Peart, makeup artist

The hot look for spring is a thick eyebrow and an orange lip. Tracy uses an eyebrow kit to give Ali a thicker brow, but even though a thicker eyebrow is in for spring, you want to make sure you still keep it looking natural. The brow kit Tracy uses from Guerlain comes with an applicator on one side and a comb on the other. You’re going to want to use the comb to shape the brow and the applicator to fill in the brow. While you’re filling in the brow line, make sure you are using short, little strokes. This will stimulate your natural hair strands, as opposed to a block of colour, which looks unnatural. The eyebrow kit also comes with a little highlighter that you will want to place right under the brow.

The orange lip is also super hot for spring! Whenever you’re using a bright lip colour, remember to line your lips first. Otherwise, the colour will run. Using small strokes, outline the shape of your lips and fill the inside with the bright orange. If you’re afraid of using such a bright colour, try mixing the orange in with your favourite colour and ease your way into it.

Step three: Spring fashion with Tyler Franch, stylist

So we’ve covered hair and makeup, but our model Ali is still dressed in UGGs and a long white puffy coat! Underneath her winter coat she’s wearing beige cropped pants, with a bright yellow belt and a navy and white striped shirt. As we’re moving towards spring, Tyler emphasizes the importance of colour around your face — it’s a natural face lift! Tyler adds a large flower necklace to Ali and a patterned scarf with bright yellow lining. Then he adds a jean jacket on top because it’s transitional throughout the seasons, and a must-have for spring. Another great way to bring in some colour is through your bag, Tyler adds a nice green purse that matches with the outfit and finally, adds a kimono, which is a great transition coat. Tyler adds a pink pair of flats to her outfit as well as a beige pair of heels. Either pair of shoes can be paired with the outfit, depending where you are headed.

So the next time you’re headed out to work or to a friend’s place and need to stay warm on the way, keep these three quick tricks in mind and take your look from winter to spring!

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