Back to Breakfast: Toad-in-a-Hole

As far as breakfast dishes go, this one is as easy as it gets -- perfect for busy weekday mornings!

We’re back with our Sweet Potato Chronicles friends, Ceri and Laura, authors of the phenomenal cookbook, How to Feed a Family. To start 2014 off right, we’re getting Back to Breakfast! These healthy, delicious recipes will be loved by the whole family. Next up: Toad-in-a-Hole!

Scar­lett has got­ten to a fun age where she loves to hear sto­ries from what she calls the “old days.” In other words, she likes when we tell her about places she vis­ited, things she liked to eat, or toys she had when she was a baby. The “really old days” are when we tell her places we vis­ited as kids, meals we enjoyed, or toys we had back in the day. (Her response to a Sit ‘n Spin: “What’s so fun about get­ting dizzy?” Not sure.) Once we offer our tale of “the really old days,” it usu­ally means we’d bet­ter be pre­pared to man­age the oblig­a­tory requests: “When can I have a Jeep and drive around play­ing Whites­nake?” (Clearly, that was my husband.)

It was about a year or more ago that Dan told her about his love for Toad in a Hole, an easy egg recipe his grand­mother used to make for him. Once he made it for her, Scar­lett requested it reg­u­larly. She likes to love the things we do (did). I sup­pose that will end soon, but, hope­fully, not until I influ­ence her love of read­ing a book on a Sat­ur­day night instead of hang­ing out in the near­est McDon­ald’s park­ing lot.~Laura Keogh

4 servings


  • 4 spelt bread slices
  • 2 pats of but­ter
  • 4 organic eggs




Place one pat of but­ter in fry­ing pan over medium/low heat. Allow but­ter to melt.

Cut holes out of the cen­ters of bread using a glass or a cookie cut­ter. Place two pieces of bread in pan and allow to lightly brown on one side, about 2 min­utes. Flip bread and crack eggs into cen­ter holes. Allow eggs to cook through, about 6 min­utes. Remove and add sec­ond pat of but­ter. Repeat with last two slices of bread. Serve with side of fresh fruit.

Scar­lett used to just cut the hole out of the bread for me. How­ever, since she’s got­ten a bit older, I allow her to crack the egg into the bread’s cen­ter. I love that I can let the egg sit in the pan on low heat cook­ing and be side­tracked by the onslaught of our morning. OK, I’m not advo­cat­ing for for­get­ting food on the stove. I’m just say­ing it hap­pened one time and I didn’t ruin this meal. Some­times all my repeat­ing to “brush your hair,” “brush your teeth” and “get your coat” take its toll. I’m just saying.

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Photo credit Maya Visnyei