How to get bold, youthful brows

Full, bold brows are hotter than ever this season, and attaining this edgy, modern look is actually easier than you think.

Full, bold brows are hotter than ever this season, and attaining this edgy, modern look is actually easier than you think. Those blessed with naturally full brows are already a step ahead, but for those with sparse, thin brows, it’s time to break out the makeup kit. A bold, pronounced brow gives a girl a little extra liberated empowerment — you are down to business and looking hot the whole way. So if you crave that youthful Cara Delevingne look, Tracy Peart is here to guide us along to bigger, beautiful brows.

Choose one of three ways to get this look:
1. Eye shadow
2. Mascara
3. Eye pencil

Before you do anything, you need to match your colour. This does not necessarily mean the exact colour of your hair. Tracy suggests choosing a colour 1-2 shades darker if you have light hair on your head. If you have dark hair, go with a shade 1-2 shades lighter.

Eye shadow
This is the most natural method, and the best option for women with thinned brows. Most cosmetic lines will actually have a brow kit that includes powdered shadows and highlighters.

  1. Start on the inner part of your eyebrow and create light strokes outwards to fill the brow. The key with this step is to make your feathery strokes resemble the texture of hair to avoid making a solid block of colour.
  2. When moving towards the ends of the brow, be sure to go lighter with the strokes as this hair is extra sparse and a dramatic change will make them look unnatural.

This is a quick fix option for those with already full brows looking to disguise the sparse hairs.

  1. Gently swipe the mascara wand over your brows to create a tousled, but defined shape.

Eye Pencil
This will give your brow a more well-defined and precise look.

  1. With a matching colour, create light strokes along the brow — emphasis on the light! Pencils give you a heavier colour, so make sure to go a little on the lighter side.

Last tip: When you are filling in your brows, always check in to make sure they’re looking okay. Sometimes we can get caught up in the mirror perfecting the colour, but make sure to step back a couple of times to make sure your strokes are working with you!

For more tips and tricks, check out Tracy’s demonstration below:

Courtesy Tracy Peart


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it easy to get bold and youthful brow easily just try to use brow effect serum which is make your eyebrow growing and make them thicker and bold.

November 16, 2014 at 11:54 am

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