Forget camping, go glamping!

Not a fan of camping? How about glamping?! Shoana Jensen shows us how to embrace the great outdoors in luxury.

Does the thought of camping send shivers down your spine? Sure, we all love the great outdoors, but living out there for days (or even weeks!) could sound like a total nightmare. No phones, no electricity, pesky mosquitoes, and sleeping on a rocky surface — no, thank you! As it turns out, there is an alternative to camping (and no, it doesn’t mean a 5-star hotel). Let us introduce you to “glamping.” Glamping means luxurious camping. What does that even mean, and how is that even possible? Well, let Shoana Jensen tell you herself! She has provided the essentials to have the perfect glamping trip! Check out her 6 must-haves and get packing!

  1. A high quality, waterproof tent is a must! In this case, size matters and bigger is better. You need lots of room for your glamping essentials!
  2. You can’t feel glam if you aren’t well rested, so bring your favourite pillow from home and a thick insulated air mattress to keep you comfy.
  3. Depending on the weather, you can invest in a down sleeping bag or even some cozy flannel sheets and throw down blankets for a luxurious treat.
  4. With WiFi now available in many Canadian parks, the next glamping essential is your tablet. You can watch movies under the stars by streaming them online.
  5. Don’t forget to bring a solar-powered charger to keep your LED lights, phone, tablet and camera charged — you need to stay powered up!
  6. Last but not least, give yourself at least one over-the-top indulgence: something like a hand-powered blender to enjoy frozen drinks (hello, margaritas!).

For more great glamping tips, check out Shoana’s video below:

Courtesy Shoana Jensen


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