How to hide those grey hairs!

Many of us have to deal with grey hair -- some of us embrace it, while others choose to colour. But what to do between colourings?

It can come on in your mid-30s, possibly from stress or genetics, and it’s no fun at all. Many of us have to deal with grey hair — some of us embrace our greys, while others choose to colour and hide them. But what do we do between colourings when our roots start to grow in?

Stylist Marc Anthony says there are a few ways to hide the grey between colourings.

Here are a few styles you can try:

  1. Add volume to your hair. Sometimes styling your hair with a little hair spray can not only give your hair that volume, it’ll bring out layers of colour away from those grey roots.
  2. Part your hair differently. Chances are there may be more grey roots in the spots where your hair is usually parted, so try to change the way your hair’s parted.
  3. Style your hair with waves or curls. Those large curls and waves are sure to help cover up your grey hair, drawing attention away from those stressed-out roots. And your hair will look fuller with that added volume.

Learn about why we get grey hair and more of Marc’s advice on how to hide it in the video below: