How to transform a small room into a walk-in closet

Shoana Jensen shares her tips for converting a small room into your own customized walk-in closet.

It’s every girl’s dream: a walk-in closet to fit all of your belongings. If you have a small room in your home that you’re not sure how to use, Shoana Jensen shares her tips for transforming that space into a customized walk-in closet.

Splash a bit of colour on the walls and throw up a few cabinets here and there. The room’s pretty small, making it ideal for that dream closet, but it might not be in everyone’s budget for a full renovation. So what does Shoana suggest? Improvise, and here’s how you can:

Go to different departments of your local Home Depot or IKEA. It’s amazing what you can find in each of those departments to help you build your own closet system for your small space. By mixing and matching pieces, you’ll have a lot more flexibility in customizing the closet to your own space, as opposed to if you used a fixed closet system.

Add elevation to the back of the shoe shelf. If your shoe is bigger than the length of the shelf, or almost the length of it, try raising the back of the shelf. It makes it easier to avoid knocking anything over, and if you decide to add cabinet doors, it’ll make it easier to close.

Label your accessory shelves. If you have different sizes of accessories separated into multiple drawers, it can make them easy to find if you label them accordingly.

Utilize the height of your closet. Because you’re working with a small room, the only way anything can really go is up. It’ll make the walk-in closet a little less crowded, and a lot more efficient, if you take advantage of the room’s height.

To get more of Shoana’s advice for designing your perfect walk-in closet, check out the video below:

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