Perk up your day with these 5 mood-boosting clothing items

Stylist Iva Grbesic shares her top 5 ways to top your outfit to make you feel beautiful every time you step out the door.

Sometimes you’ve just got to fake it ’til you make it. Need some help feeling extra awesome when you leave the house? Stylist Iva Grbesic shares her top 5 ways to top your outfit to make you feel beautiful every time you step out the door.

  1. Slim down with shapewear. More commonly referred to as Spanx, shapewear is a staple in Iva’s closet. They smooth out every curve that’s trying to inch out of place and levels out the playing field. Iva warns us not to wear shapewear that’s too small or has stitching in the mid-section. It won’t fit if you go a size smaller, and the stitching may show under whatever dress or top you decide to wear over it.
  2. Accessorize with scarves, wraps and handbags. Updating a wardrobe, or adding colour and texture to a favourite outfit, is easy with great scarves, wraps and handbags. Having rich colours right next to our face highlights our eyes and cheekbones. Plus, from a practical standpoint, it adds some much needed warmth as we head into fall weather. A new handbag with great details or bold patterns elevates great basics and makes them chic and on trend.
  3. Be stylish and fun with your coat! Living in Canada, we all need a fall coat and black is pretty much everyone’s staple. This year, take it to the next level and try something new: feel beautiful by wearing coats with patterns or texture like a leather moto jacket. Take classic silhouettes, like bombers and flight jackets, that are usually done in leather and wear them in a lightweight cotton. Coats top off our outfits and they easily make a great statement.
  4. Raise your feet with great footwear. Awesome shoes can make any woman feel beautiful. Flats are trendy this season, or you can stack it up with some height by putting on a pair of heels that are bound to help you strut with confidence.
  5. Wear your heart in your jewelry. Custom, personalized jewelry is a great way to keep important people on your mind all day long. It’ll be sure to bring a smile to your face every time you look at it!

Courtesy Iva Grbesic

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