5 easy and upscale DIYs for your space

Suzanne Dimma shows us some fabulous DIYs that definitely don't look homemade!

When you see these beautiful pieces from Suzanne Dimma, you won’t believe they’re DIYs! These pieces look expensive, but they’re actually a great way to spice up your room without breaking the bank. As a bonus, you get to decide which colours, textures, and patterns to use with these DIYs!

Couch slip covers
Instead of going straight to throw pillows to change the look of your space, try sewing your own slip covers for your couch. Slip covers are great not only because they are unique to your style, but they also can be removed and easily washed.

Wallpaper art
There are so many cool kinds of wallpaper out there these days so why not take advantage! Using wallpaper as an art piece saves you tons of money, and like the couch slip covers, they can be changed constantly. Investing a bit more in the frame can really take your piece up a notch.

Plush stools
Use a pillow and some plywood to make plain stools look fabulous! There are tons of different textures, patterns, and colours to choose from, so you’re bound to find something that works in your space.

Tile table
If you don’t want to commit just yet to a tile floor, try putting some on top of a table. Adding tiles turns a plain table into a fabulous centre piece in your room.

Colourful plates
Painted plates can be very expensive, especially if you’re buying a full set. Instead, you can purchase plates at the dollar store and paint them yourself. Not only do you get to choose your colour scheme, but these beautiful plates can be multi-functional and become a beautiful art piece on your wall.

For more DIY tips from Suzanne, watch the video below:

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