How to organize your kitchen into zones

Designer Samantha Pynn shares her tips on organizing your kitchen in different zones.

Designer Samantha Pynn shares tips for organizing your kitchen into zones to keep things tidy and save time.

Kitchen zones

1. Coffee/tea/beverage zone: Keep often-used items within reach. Create a mini station so you’re keeping all the things you need in one spot and don’t have to move around as much.

2. Food prep area: Cutting board, dishes, spices, oils, etc. Keep them close to the stove so you can plate dinners quickly and easily.

3. Cleanup area: Keep pretty things on display (containers, tea towels) and hide everyday items like gloves, sponges and cleaning supplies under the sink and out of sight.

4. Food containers: The key to keeping food containers organized is to make sure they’re all the same. Keep all the lids together and stack the glass containers. Buy at least a half-dozen at a time.

5. Flatware and utensils: Organize according to use; the more dividers the better. If a space is too big to suit your purpose, make it smaller by inserting a box.

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