Cityline Lookbook: Dressing for your body shape

Stylist Janice Meredith shares her expert tips on dressing for your body type.

Clothing can highlight your trimmest part or it can accentuate your largest feature. A few simple tips from stylist Janice Meredith on dressing for your body can make a world of difference in your overall look.

Look 1

Jacket, H&M, $79.99
White top, H&M, $39.99
Black skirt, H&M, $24.99
Statement necklace, H&M, $24.99
Block heel pump,Le Château, $39.99

Look 2

Black and lace dress, Zara, $89.99
Pink leather jacket, Zara, $49.99
Pumps, Winners, $100

Look 3

Floral top, Hudson’s Bay, $40
Black jeans, Levis from Hudson’s Bay, $84.50
Jacket, Hudson’s Bay, $89
Booties, Hudson’s Bay, $160



Jackets: without any added details such as lapels or buckles. Trim to fit on the shoulder.

Tops: not too long, not so boxy, ensure weight is light, layer with a tank if it’s more comfortable. Tops should hit in between your hips and your waist.

Dress: illusion of shape by cutting and highlighting your thinnest part.  If you are bigger busted, this empire band should be thinner.

Shoes: pumps lengthen the leg by keeping the top of the foot open and carrying on the eye. Pumps that match your skin tone are even more successful at creating that lengthening illusion. Ankle straps cut off the leg.

Material: lace overlay is very forgiving with the material underneath doing all the work of holding and shaping while the lace can mask dimpling and such.

Technology: Levis 311 shaping jeans are made with extra strong elastic to lift and shape your bottom while smoothing the look of your legs.

Cut: v-necks lengthen and draw the eye down. If you are bigger busted, this shape is most flattering. You can give the illusion of a v-neck by having your necklace come to a point.

Illusion: the peplum is so obvious a shape that you can hide hips under there. The purpose is to highlight the thinner part while creating obvious width you can mask actual volume under.