Our 6th annual Cityline weight loss challenge - a smashing success!

The 6th annual Cityline weight loss challenge was a smashing success, with over 70lbs lost between them!

Oh what a year we have had! Our 6th annual Cityline weight loss challenge was a huge success with our 3 amazing weight loss contestants – Jen, Safia and Jackie – losing 70 pounds collectively!

At the taping of our finale show, we were thrilled to have the audience filled with Cityline weight loss Facebook followers who had joined us virtually along the way. Thank you to all who have participated, lost weight (and continue to lose), posted recipes and most of all shared encouraging words with one another.

Behind the scenes, Cityline producer Carolyn Graham and I are already talking about the Cityline weight loss challenge next year. With some new tricks up our sleeves, we will have many new additions and features for viewers to enjoy.

2016 WLC Safia Jen Jackie before

For now, here are some amazing before and after pictures from our current 3 winners. A huge thanks to Jen, Safia and Jackie for being so wonderful to work with!

Cityline weight loss challenge results for the 2016 Weight Loss Challenge with Dr. Joey Shulman

In short –

Safia – down 20 pounds

Jen – down 31.5 pounds

Jackie – down 18 pounds

Keep the weight off and get Dr. Joey’s maintenance plan here.

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