Top 7 trends for spring outdoor entertaining

Lifestyle expert Janette Ewen shares the top seven trends for spring outdoor entertaining to give your decor a modern touch.

From whimsical touches to sophisticated style, lifestyle expert, Janette Ewen, shares the top seven trends for spring outdoor entertaining to give your decor a modern touch. With these trends in mind your summertime outdoor entertaining will be a smashing success.

Top 7 trends for spring outdoor entertaining


1. Gold

Gold accent pieces are a huge trend for spring outdoor entertaining. Smaller pieces are a great way to add a hint of colour to a space and gold is a colour that is associated with royalty, so this trend can add elegance to your space. Plus, gold can be paired with a variety of colours such as purple, white and grey.

2. Rustic British garden

The rustic British-look is in for 2016! There are many ways to achieve this look, but star by carving out flower beds in your garden. Another option is to create stone paths to give your backyard that British countryside vibe.

3. Luxe for less DIY

DIY projects are a great way to incorporate luxury into your home for less. From a vertical garden tower, to colourful plates or even cement planting pots getting crafty and spending some time creating unique DIYs can really add to that luxe feel.

4. Sophisticated style 

Give your space a classic look with sophisticated pieces that will last the test of time.

5. Mix and match place settings 

Create a casual oasis by mixing and matching place settings. You can find a variety of place settings at an affordable price point from Ebay and Value Village.

6. Whimsical touches

Placing your vegetables in flower pots or creating a mini fairy garden in a tea cup will whimsical touches to your outdoor entertainment. This brings a playful element to your party and is also on-trend with an elegant, British vibe.

7. Urban-elegance

The urban-elegance trend has been taking London by storm this year. This trend includes adding brick wall murals and elements of urban life to a more sophisticated space. To achieve this trend, Janette Ewan adds a brick wall mural from Ink Shuffle and plays itit up with a garland banner.

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