DIY: Iron-on table linens

Here are DIY expert Denise Wild's instructions for a fun and easy project to showcase your photos and personalized designs on everything from table runners to napkins.

Here are DIY expert Denise Wild’s instructions for a fun and easy project to showcase your photos and personalized designs on everything from table runners to napkins.

DIY: Iron-on table linens


Digital images or photographs
Avery Iron-On T-shirt Transfer paper
Home printer
Paper scissors


1. Choose the photos you’d like to print and, using imaging software, flip or invert the photo, so when it’s ironed on the image will be aligned properly and face the right way.

2. Loading the transfer paper into your printer, following the instructions on the package. Print your photo.

3.Trim away any excess paper.

4. Place the paper with the printed image photo side down.

5. Iron the back of the paper, using the highest heat possible and no steam. Put a lot of pressure on the iron and move it slowly across the paper for at least 30 seconds. (Follow the package instructions for various iron times depending on your image size.)

6. Let the paper cool completely. It may take a couple of minutes.

7. Slowly peel back the paper, starting at one corner to expose the image, which should now be on the fabric. If it isn’t, repeat steps 6 and 7.

8. You can sew several photo fabric squares together to make a table runner, or you can iron images directly onto large pieces of fabric. Try 18” x 18” linen or linen blends for napkins.

9. To give your napkins an interesting finish, pull out 4 or 5 lines of thread across each fabric edge, creating a rustic fringe.

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