Get the look: Easy-to-wear fashions by Sympli

Looking for those perfect travelling outfits? Style expert Lynn Spence shows us six easy-to-wear, layered outfits from Sympli.

Need a comfortable travelling outfit? Style expert Lynn Spence shows us six easy-to-wear, layered outfits from Sympli. The looks can be found at


Look 1:

peplum top | reversible skirt | striped leggings


Look 2:

drama dress | leggings


Look 3:

drama tunic | loyal cardigan | white pants


Look 4:

go-to tank | shorty top | swagger skirt


Look 5:

sleeveless drifter | crop smock | tube skirt


Look 6:

ditto top | sun dress fingertip | essential pant | mix whisper vest

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I was really excited when I saw the Simpli segment, I intended to immediately order a number of pieces, how great that something from Canada is actually not lame for once. Guess what? I went to their website and of course there’s no online shopping. I figured I’d find a retailer from the store locator, guess what?! No Canadian retailers. I have to wonder why you are promoting something we can’t even get. I stopped watching Cityline years ago due to all the frustrations I’m starting to remember why. PS: When I saw Coco Rocha on Cityline recently I was completely shocked, she looked very unhealthy. I felt really sorry for her poor baby.

May 20, 2016 at 10:43 am

I would love to find some of these pieces, but Lynn said they were made in and from Vancouver. The website you’ve linked for information says they are only available in the US….which is it, and please provide Canadian contact information! TIA..

May 20, 2016 at 5:13 pm

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