Don't miss out on these hot summer trends

Stylist Janice Meredith shows us the latest trends that you can buy on sale!

Trends that don't have an expiration date? Sign us up! Stylist Janice Meredith showcases four hot trends, from lace to stripes and off-the-shoulder tops to shop for in stores right now. The best part? These trends are on-sale, and will transition from summer to fall.  


Lace is elegant, perfect for summer, and extremely versatile. Lace detailing is great because you can get different pieces that fit your style and comfort level. A t-shirt with a lace-detailed trim is perfect if you love the look, but are looking for a little more coverage or need the support of a bra. You can also move the detail to the bottom of your outfit with a crochet skirt paired with a neutral or pattered top.

Coloured lace

A great way to get away from always wearing white lace (and avoid possible spill situations) is to invest in some textured coloured pieces. A great pink lace dress is a perfect way to look elegant and still let your colourful personality shine through.


Stripes are fresh and crisp and often referenced as the new floral - we have seen them for a while now, and they are definitely here to stay. Stripes are flattering on everyone and so easy to wear. They are great to pair with neutrals or other prints and extremely versatile - you can wear a striped romper during the day or at night for any occasion just by changing your shoes! You can also pick up the trend and add it to your wardrobe without making a huge commitment with a beautiful bag or scarf.


Chambray is the new black. This trend is a great way to wear a "neutral" colour that will pair well with anything. This trend is simple, light, and perfect for any season. You can wear it in dresses, tops, or skirts and it is perfect to carry over to next year.