6 tips for buying and preserving the perfect flower bouquet

These tips and tricks make shopping at the local flower market a breeze!

Buying your flowers at the market can seem overwhelming at first, but flower markets are the perfect budget-friendly option to pickup flowers.

At the market:

  1. Bring cash

    At the market, it’s rare to find vendors who will accept credit or debit cards, so bringing cash is the safest option. Plus, most markets will also have sweet treats you can enjoy while shopping around!

  2. Head straight home

    Flowers won’t last long in a hot car, so make sure that the flower market is your last stop if you want your flowers to be a showstopper.

    Tip: Bring a light white sheet or some extra paper to keep the direct sun from hitting the flowers on the drive home.

  3. Ask the experts

    Don’t be afraid to ask the vendors for help, they are the experts! The amount of variety available can be overwhelming, so ask for help when it comes to picking colours. Also be sure to ask about the care of the flowers as different types can require different care instructions. For example, flowers with a thick, woody stem like hydrangea, lilac and viburnum, need to have vertical snips cut into the stems.

    Tip: If you are in doubt, a bunch of all one type of flower works, all one colour always works; you can also try to keep colour in the same tone – different shades of yellow, lavender etc.

How to make your flowers last longer:

  1. Use clean vessels and vases

    Make sure you are using clean vessels and vases that have no soapy residue left behind after washing.

  2. Remove excess leaves

    Clean all the leaves from the stems below the water line of your vase or the leaves will rot and make the water swampy. This will cause your flowers to die sooner and you won’t get the longevity you’d like from your flowers.

  3. Change the water daily

    It might sound crazy to change the water every day, but this will keep your flowers healthy. Think of it this way; the water is sustenance for the flowers, so keeping it clean and fresh will keep your flowers happy.

    Tip: Ask the vendor what temperature the water should be.