Improve your man's style with these 5 easy-to-use shopping apps

Keep up on all the latest men's fashion trends from the comfort of your home with these 5 easy-to-use apps and websites!

Trying to get your man to come to the mall with you is nearly impossible. Thankfully, there are apps and websites that are revolutionizing the world of men’s fashion, making it easy and enjoyable for everyone. These apps strive to help men find inspiration and the build the perfect outfits without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Take a look at our tech expert, Winston Sih’s top five apps below:

Klothed app icon       Klothed

This application allows you to customize your face and body type to get the full experience of trying on clothes in a change room without having to leave your house. Klothed has partnered with both high-end and medium-end retailers to offer you a large variety of options at different price points. You can categorize your shopping into tops, pants, and shoes to build your closet.

Well Dressed app icon       Well Dressed

This application uses technology to reference your existing closet when building outfits for you. Just take photos of your wardrobe and upload them to see if something you already  own works with the pieces you are looking to purchase. This is a great way to utilize pieces you already have and pair them with pieces you might not have thought about before.


frank + oak app icon       Frank + Oak

This application is available for iOS and Android and is the perfect solution for anyone who is lacking fashion inspiration. Frank + Oak offers a personal styling feature that helps you build your closet with one click! All you need to do is input your age and measurements and answer a questionnaire about the way you like to dress and a personal stylist will browse through the clothes and generate a wardrobe fit for your lifestyle.


Mr. Porter app icon       Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter is the men’s equivalent to the world’s premier online luxury fashion destination, Net-A-Porter. They offer features that allow you to see what’s new and what’s exclusive so you never go without inspiration. All you need to do is build your cart with your favourite pieces, purchase them, and they will show up at your door within days!


If you’re looking for custom-made suits, pants, and shirts, Indochino has you covered. Alongside their retail stores in North America, they allow you to custom-make clothing online and have it shipped right to your door! All you need to do is input proper measurements as well as pick the colour and fabric you like, and they will build the clothes for you.