4 iced coffee hacks that will save you money

This coffee is so good, you won’t even miss your local java stop.

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Quality iced coffee is something you can make at home — with the right tricks up your sleeve. Whether you prefer it on ice, with milk and sugar, or an added flavour shot, these simple hacks will make it easy to say goodbye to the long lineups at your local java stop (and hello to more money in your wallet).

1. Start making cold brew coffee.
One batch can last the whole week. All you have to do is mix it 1:1 with water or milk, then add your choice of extras.

What’s the difference between iced cold brew coffee and iced coffee?
Iced cold brew coffee is made from a coffee concentrate brewed with cold water. The grounds are soaked overnight (or up to 24 hours), then strained out of of the concentrate, which is refrigerated until ready to use. Iced coffee is simply your normal hot brew, served over ice.

Recipe: Iced cold brew coffee

Cold brew’s smoother, less acidic (and even sweet) flavour owes itself primarily to the slow, cold water steep. (Hot water pulls aroma and flavour from coffee grounds quickly, but it also intensifies the flavour quickly, giving you those acidic notes associated with a light roast, or the bitter notes found in most dark roasts.)

2. Get each cup to last longer with iced coffee or milk cubes.
Regular ice will water down your coffee, diluting its flavour considerably over time (especially if you’re a slow sipper). Avoid this with strong-brewed coffee cubes, or frozen milk cubes.

3. Blitz it to make a homemade frapp.
Throw your ingredients in the blender and make it an extra-icy refresher.

4. Dress it up with your own flavour shots.
Vanilla lovers don’t need to miss out; homemade simple syrups are easy to make, and last well in the fridge for continued use. Try our recipe for vanilla syrup.

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