9 elements for a functional and beautiful kitchen

These kitchen design elements are proof that you do not need to sacrifice decor for function!

Interior designers Stacy McLennan, Jackie Glass, and Shai DeLuca-Tamasi share nine of their favourite design elements that will take your kitchen decor to the next level without sacrificing function!

Eliminate dust pans!

Incorporating a sweep vac unit is a great way to eliminate the need for dust pans. All you have to do is sweep the mess up to the unit and it will dispense the dirt into your central vacuum system. If you do not have a central vacuum system, you can still use the sweep vac on its own by attaching it to a separate canister anywhere else in your home. The sweep vac units are nearly invisible and can be hidden in the kick plate under your cabinets or in the baseboards. Plus, they come in a variety of finishes to co-ordinate with your cabinetry!

Hide your broom in the kitchen

If you choose to incorporate a sweep vac unit in your kitchen, you will need to have a broom handy. Building a narrow cabinet beside the fridge is a convenient way to have a broom accessible without it being visible. This is also a great way to use an awkward space beside the fridge.

Broom closet

Clean up with the Vroom

Another great way of eliminating the need for large vacuums or brooms is the Vroom. The Vroom is a small vacuum system that is invisibly tucked away in the cabinets under your kitchen sink. The vacuum hose extends 24 feet and will completely eliminate having to get out the vacuum or broom! You can also incorporate the Vroom with your central vacuum system or use it on its own with a separate canister.

Store your appliances in a garage

Appliances are essential elements in a functional kitchen, but they are often bulky and interfere with the décor of your space. A great way to keep your kitchen appliances accessible without sacrificing style is to build an appliance garage! An appliance garage is a deep cabinet where you can store your appliances away when they are not being used. A great tip is to have the door open vertically rather than out to avoid hitting items on the counter.

Appliance garage

Organize your pots and lids

Put a divider in your pot drawer to nest all the lids. This will allow the pots to sit neatly in each other while the lids are easily accessible and neatly tucked away.

Build a showcase

Open concept kitchens are extremely popular and designers often have trouble with the transition from tile to drywall. A great way to make this transition look beautiful is to incorporate a narrow built-in display for cookbooks. This will create a seamless transition and help finish off the back-splash tile!

Cookbook display

Mini refrigerators and wine reserves

Small refrigerators are perfect for entertaining. Incorporating a small wine reserve beside a mini refrigerator in your pantry or bar area will make the most of your entertaining space as they allow you to see exactly what you have to ensure you never run out of the essentials. They are also a beautiful addition to any room!

Store your microwave up and away

Keep those bulky microwaves off the counter! Storing your microwave in-between cabinets is the perfect way to maximize your prep space. However, they are often deeper than your upper cabinets, so a great way to keep your microwave in the kitchen and add more storage is to pop your cabinets out and add a couple drawers below it to store miscellaneous items.

Microwave storage

Under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting or lighting around an island is a small touch that has a huge impact. It is a beautiful way to light your kitchen at night or when entertaining. You can incorporate this in your kitchen during a renovation or purchase inexpensive lighting kits and make it a great DIY project!

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