Eat Clean Challenge: Day 1

It’s simple….just eat foods without labels!

Follow along with Dr. Joey’s 30 Day Eat Clean Challenge here. 

Eat clean day #1 – It’s simple….just eat foods without labels!

Eat clean action step:

If you can’t pronounce it, do not know what it is or, if is has a shelf life of greater than 1 year – don’t eat it!

When it comes to your health, eating unprocessed foods without labels is the fastest way to propel you to optimal health. As a general rule, when shopping, for foods, wholesome foods are found on the exterior of the grocery store and include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, organic meats, seafood, eggs, dairy products and natural sweeteners such as honey and/or coconut sugar.

While “in with the good” is a very important tip to keep you healthy, energetic and strong, “out with the bad” is equally important. In other words, make sure to minimize your consumption of refined flours and sugars, processed meats, fast food, deep fried foods, foods with artificial colors or sweeteners or foods with trans fatty acids.

A few tips to help you eat more live foods include;

  • Have a fruit or vegetable at each and every meal.
  • Start to read ingredient lists, if you don’t understand it – your body does not need it.
  • Snack on raw healthy nuts or seeds.
  • If buying foods that are packaged, opt for those with minimal sugars, fat and salt and those that contain whole grains.
  • Familiarize yourself with the local farmers market to get fresh produce that is locally grown and in season.

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