DIY pencil pendleton art

At a hint of pendleton-inspired art to your space with this DIY from Colin & Justin!


  • Ribba frame (Ikea)
  • Coloured pencils
  • art card
  • glue dots
  • Black art tape


  1. Cut out your choice of coloured card to act as a backing for the pencil art.
  2. Colour code 4 sets of 9 pencils for each of your Pendleton patterns.  Start with the centre pencil and stagger each down to create the arrow effect, balancing the colour on each side. Stick these together with glue dots.
  3. Next cut out four triangles of black coloured artcard, followed by four smaller triangles in red.  Stick these together using glue dots.
  4. Now lay your triangles and pencil arrows in place.  Before securing, use black art tape to create lines between each.  Once this is done, you can glue everything in place using glue dots.

You now have a pencil Pendleton of your very own!


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