Eat Clean Challenge: Day 12

How to stop hitting that dreaded 3pm fall.

Eat clean day #12 –Snack the right way…at the right time 

Eat clean action step:

To avoid a blood sugar dip in the afternoon (and to ensure you do not enter the dinner hour starving!), always have a snack between 3-4pm.

Do you ever feel cranky, edgy or tired from 3-4pm? If so, you are not alone. The 3pm slump is very common and typically means your blood sugars have dropped and it is time to hydrate with water and eat a proper snack.

What’s the big deal with low blood sugars? When blood sugars are low, we tend to grab the wrong foods such as sugary muffins, soft drinks and/or sugary coffees. These types of foods will lead to a spike in sugars, a continual cycle of fatigue and weight gain in the belly region.

In order to stabilize blood sugars and feel good from 3-4pm, it is important to pick the right type of snack. A piece of fruit and cheese, nut butter and whole grain crackers, nuts and seeds, hummus and vegetables, a hard boiled egg or a healthy whole grain bar are all perfect options. Be sure to pair your snack with a large glass of water and you will feel your energy stay up, keeping you alert and full until the dinner hour.

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