6 fun and fashionable DIY button projects

Get crafty with these 6 DIY button projects that are sure to add style to your home and wardrobe!

Here are simple DIY projects that you can make at home using buttons to add a sense of style to your home decor and outfits.

1. Button purse pin:

Glue buttons onto a felt shape with a hot glue gun, and secure a safety pin on the back of the felt. Attach the pin to your purse, tote, or clutch.

2. Button necklace:

Use a wire cutter to cut an old necklace at the center. Attach buttons onto a piece of felt using a hot glue gun. Hot-glue the cut necklace ends onto the back of either end of the felt, and cover the necklace ends each with a small circle of felt.

3. Button key chain:

Use needle-nose pliers to thread individual jump rings through the holes of various buttons. Connect a line of jump rings to a key chain, then attach the buttons to that line.

4. Button serving tray:

Cut a piece of construction paper to match the bottom of a serving tray. Scatter various buttons across the serving tray and either hot-glue them in place or lay a piece of glass over top.

5. Button pillow:

Cut a piece of felt to a desired shape, then hot glue buttons to the felt. To attach the shape to the pillow, either hand-sew it in place or use textile adhesive.

6. Button animal silhouette:

Draw or print the shape of an animal, and use a hot glue gun to cover the animal in buttons. Don’t forget added features like eyes and a smile or environment details like a branch or a body of water. Secure the button image in a shadow box frame.