Create a one of a kind stylish clutch

Tiffany Pratt's 7 simple steps to turning your pillow case or tea towel into a stunning and beautiful clutch!

Here are a few simple steps to creating a clutch, personalized in your own way! This simple project takes beautiful textiles and turns them into a stylish bag. Use a pillowcase and tea towel you have at home, or head out to your local thrift shop for a unique find.

– Pillow case
– Tea towel
– Fabric scissors
– Threaded sewing machine
– Button
– Hand-sewing needle

1. Cut the pillowcase and tea towel each to the desired finished-purse size, multiplying the purse height times three since you’ll be folding over the top and bottom.
2. Sew the pillowcase and tea towel together, right sides together, leaving a 5” opening on one long side.
3. Flip the purse right-side out.
4. Tuck in the fabric at the opening so that no raw edges are exposed. (Iron the raw edges in place if needed.)
5. Top stitch around the entire bag. (Sew around the perimeter of the bag ½” from the edge, which will finish the folded edge and hold everything in place.)
6. Fold up the bottom third of the bag, and sew through all thicknesses along both sides of the bag ½” from the edge.
7. Fold down the top third of the bag and hand-sew the button in place.

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