Parent approved toys

Give the perfect parent approved toy to your child this holiday from active animal toys to fun robotics.

Editor-in-chief of Today’s Parent, Sasha Emmons shares with us 10 parent approved toys.

1. Crayola Shopkins Stamper Maker

Experiment with beautiful Shopkin stamps in any colour you want to create beautiful designs.

Crayola Shopkins Stamper Maker 2016-11-16

2. Lego City – Volcano Exploration Base

Have fun erupting a volcano with drone features and spinning rotors.Lego City - Volcano Exploration Base 2016-11-16

3. Magformers Walking Robot

Create various forms of walking robots using 37 Magformer shapes

Magformers Walking Robot 2016-11-16

4. Balance Beans

A fun logic and math game all in one. If you balance the seesaw then, you can balance an equation. It’s that simple!Balance Beans 2016-11-16

5. Furby Connect

Learn to connect with the Furby App World and Friend Connect Furby. Enjoy laughter from Furby when he speaks furbish and with more than 150 eye animations to express Furby feelings.

Furby Connect 2016-11-16

6.  My Little Pony Baby Flurry Heart

Cuddle with this cute pony baby with her soft tummy and adorable laugh. Baby pony comes with beautiful sounds and you can pretend to feed her with the included baby bottle.

 My Little Pony Baby Flurry Heart 2016-11-16

7. STEM Code & Go Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set

Build your maze and learn hands on coding skills and then use the included coding cards to create step by step path for Colby. It’s your program and coding skills that will help Colby race to enjoy his favourite cheese.

 STEM Code & Go Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set 2016-11-16

8. FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon

Get an amazing pet experience with Torch as he breathes a beautiful flame coloured mist, responds to touch and comes with over 50 sound and motion combinations. Plus, this FurReal Friend comes with a colour change treat and a water filling crystal.

FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin' Dragon 2016-11-16

9. Kinderfeets Tiny Tots Convertible Balance Bike

This amazing 2-in-1 bike converts from tricycle to a two wheel balance bike when your tiny tot is ready to take off.

Kinderfeets Tiny Tots Convertible Balance Bike 2016-11-16

10. Petilou Sensory Shapes

A beautiful wooden toy to encourage colour and shape recognition and to stimulate your child’s mind as they match the perfect shape into the tray. Plus, enjoy the sound of the jingle bell, the sight through the kaleidoscope and the touch of a fluffy fabric.

Petilou Sensory Shapes 2016-11-16


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