DIY marble 'Greenery' plant holders

Marbleize your own ceramic planters and decor with this super-simple DIY tutorial!


Plain white ceramics

Plastic bucket/tub for water

Spray paint in shades of greenery

Drop cloth



1- Cover your work area with a large drop cloth.

2- Fill bucket with water and place on top of work surface.

3- Spritz spray paint on to the surface of the water, squiggle as you spray. Add different shades of spray paint to the surface of the water.

4- Dip your ceramic into the water gently so the paint transfers onto it.

5- Repeat as often as you’d like to create a marbelized look.

6- Let your ceramic creation dry overnight


Treat these items as decorative only, never eat off of a spray painted object. Always spray paint in a well-ventilated area.

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