5 ways to fight the "sitting disease" at work

Yes, the "sitting disease" is a real thing. Fitness expert, Dr. Stacy Irvine talks about what you can be doing throughout the day to get you up and moving.

Yes, the “sitting disease” is a real thing. Fitness expert, Dr. Stacy Irvine shares these five tips to get you moving during a day at work.

  1. Organize your day for more movement. Make sure you get up for water breaks frequently, go for a walk at lunch and try to add some walking or standing meetings into your schedule.
  2. Be aware of good office ergonomics when you are setting up your desk.  Have the things that you use frequently, the most accessible.  For most of us this is a computer, but it could also be a notepad, reading materials or the phone.  There are many websites dedicated to the proper set-up of your work station.  Take the time to understand this material and have a great set-up.
  3. Do not cradle your phone between your shoulder and your ear.  Use a speaker or headset if you need to type while you are talking on the phone.  Standing up during phone calls is a great way to add some extra movement into your day.
  4. Try to spend part of your day working in an area that is not your usual work station.  Some offices have lounges, if you work from home, you could move to the couch for a while.  The key is to add variety to your postures throughout the day.
  5. Try to stand up and move your body once every 20 minutes.

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