A DIY murphy bed for your pet

Contractor, Brian McCourt shares how to build an adorable murphy bed for your dog or cat.

Contractor, Brian McCourt uses recycled wood to create a customized murphy bed that your dog or cat will love. It is perfect for small spaces and is very easy to fold down or fold up for when the guest come over. Here is where to start:

  1. Purchase desired pet bed size.
  2. Purchase a cabinet slightly larger than the pet bed.
  3. Cut cabinet to desired depth using a table saw or skill saw.
  4. Build cabinet and reinforce with solid wood at top and bottom of the back of the cabinet.
  5. Install flap stays for smaller beds (up to 15 pound animal).
  6. If for larger dog, use a square door knocker or door hardware that can rest on the ground to provide support. Child safety locks recommended for larger versions.
  7. Mount cabinet to wall. Screw through the wood reinforcements into studs.
  8. Attach pet bed with Velcro tape or by tacking the bed down to the inside of the door with upholstery tacks.