How to DIY a pallet planter box + eco-friendly watering hacks!

Landscaper, Carson Arthur shares how to DIY your own planter, plus shares 3 watering DIY's for your garden.

Landscaper, Carson Arthur shows us how to build a compact wood planter box that is perfect for a small space garden. And also shares 3 of his watering DIY tricks that might save your garden.

Planter DIY

  1. Create a 4 sided box with a bottom and 4 legs.
  2. Best dimensions – 3’ tall, 36 inches long, 12 inches wide.
  3. For balconies and patios – seal the bottom of the planter to contain the mess from leaking water and soil.
  4. On one side drill 6-8 two inch holes, leaving at least 10 inches between each hole.
  5. Fill the bottom of the planter up to the bottom of the first layer of holes.
  6. Plant into each hole, laying the roots on top of the soil below.
  7. Add more soil to the planter, covering to roots, and filling to the next level of holes.
  8. Repeat until the planter is full.
  9. Fill the top of the planter with lots of plants.
  10. Water well.

3 Watering DIY Tricks

  1. Recycling wine bottles:
    • Remove the label.
    • Poke a small hole into the cap.
    • Wash and then fill the bottle with clean water.
    • Replace the cap.
    • Stick the bottle upside down in the planter.
  2. For a corked bottle:
    • Remove the label.
    • Push the cork 2/3s of the way back into the bottle.
    • Use a small drill bit or a nail to widen the hole made by the corkscrew, so that it goes right through the cork.
    • Remove the cork.
    • Wash and then fill the bottle with clean water.
    • Replace the cork (the deeper you insert it into the bottle, the slower the water will come out).
    • Stick the bottle upside down in the planter.
  3. Terracotta pot water:
    • Use a terracotta pot that has no drainage holes.
    • Dig a hole in the garden the depth of the pot and plant in the bed between your tomatoes.
    • Fill the pot to slowly let the water seep into the soil.

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