7 reasons why women should lift

It's time to incorporate weight lifting into your workout routine. Fitness expert, Brent Bishop explains the physical benefits of resistance training for women.

Many women tend to shy away from lifting because they fear that they will bulk up. Weight training will actually help to slim you down on top of many other health and mood benefits. You will feel more energized and better  prepared to take on your busy life. Here are seven reasons why you should start lifting:

  1. Elevates your metabolism. A fast metabolism is an effective fat-burning machine. It also gives you more lean mass
  2. Increases bone density. 1 in 4 women over the age of 50 is affected by osteoporosis. Weight training and impact exercise can strengthen your bones and significantly reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  3. Shapes your body. One pound of fat takes up almost 20% more space than one pound of muscle. Practicing lifting replaces excess fat in your body with lean muscles and gives you a toner shape
  4. Boosts your strength and self-esteem. Weight lifting is challenging and requires you to push beyond your own limits. You will feel more powerful and confident when you witness your own improvements
  5. De-stresses. Studies have shown that heavy weight exercise protocols greatly increase plasma beta-endorphin concentration, which in turn positively regulates your mood
  6. Positively impacts lipid profile. Lifting reduces LDL/bad cholesterol and enhances HDL/good cholesterol in your body. It also increases your insulin sensitivity, which means that if you have a sweet tooth, you can feel guilt-free for indulging in a little post-workout treat
  7. Improve slibido and sleep. Working out matters because it directly impacts your sex life and quality of sleep