Join the 2017 Cityline Lunge Challenge

Get ready to workout for 21-days straight with the Cityline Lunge Challenge! Dr. Stacy Irvine has the perfect workout challenge to kick start the fall!

Day 1

Stationary Lunges- 15 Per Leg (As demonstrated)

Day 2

Stationary Lunges- 20 Per Leg

Day 3

Stationary Lunges- 25 Per Leg

After Day 3, you will have “grooved” the proper movement pattern for a lunge.  Congratulations!  We are now ready to take things up a notch…..and start moving with your lunges.

Day 4

Forward Lunge- 15 Per leg.  This move is done simply by stepping forward into the lunge position, slowly lowering yourself toward the ground so you back knee hovers just inches above the ground, then pushing back off your front foot into a straight standing position.  Complete 15 on one leg and then repeat on the other side.

Day 5

Forward Lunge- 20 Per Leg

Day 6

Forward Lunge- Alternating Legs 15 Per Leg.  This is a similar move to Day 5, but instead of completing the repetitions on one side, you now alternate sides with each lunge.  This is great training for your balance and hip stability.

Day 7

Forward Lunge- Alternating Legs 20 Per Leg

Day 8

Forward Lunge- Alternating Legs 25 Per Leg

Day 9

Reverse Lunge- 15 Per Leg.  This move is similar to Day 4, but instead of stepping forward you step back.  Complete 15 on one leg and then switch to the other side and complete 15.

Day 10

Reverse Lunge- 20 Per Leg- Alternating Legs

Day 11

Reverse Lunge- 25 Per Leg- Alternating Legs

Day 12

Curtsy Lunge – 15 Per Leg.  Complete 15 repetitions on one side and then complete 15 repetitions on the other side.

The Curtsy Lunge, is a wonderful variation of a basic lunge, because it is still a very stable and safe move, but you will feel much more focus on the targeted areas of your gluts and inner and outer thighs.  To move into the Curtsy position, simply step one foot across behind the other and then bend both knees, until your back knee is hovering just above the ground.  Return to the starting position and repeat.

Day 13

Curtsy Lunge – 20 Per Leg Alternating Legs

Day 14

Curtsy Lunge – 25 Per Leg Alternating Legs

Day 15

The end of your Lunge Challenge is in Sight!!  Let’s go for a slightly harder challenge today……..

Complete 10 repetitions of Each Lunge…..on Each Leg!  By mixing things up, we challenge our body and our brain to remember each of these great moves.

10 Stationary Lunges

10 Forward Lunges (Alternating Legs)

10 Reverse Lunges (Alternating Legs)

10 Curtsy Lunges (Alternating Legs)

Day 16

Lateral Lunge- 15 Per Leg (Same Leg then repeat on the other side)

For this move you will step forward on a diagonal line and then bend your knee with your toes pointing slightly out.  This move targets your inner and outer thighs.

Day 17

Lateral Lunge – 20 Per Leg Alternating Legs

Day 18

Lateral Lunge – 25 Per Leg Alternating Legs

Day 19

Elevated Rear Foot Lunge – 15 Per Leg (Same Leg, then Repeat on the other side)

One of the BEST lunge exercises, because of the elevated position of the back foot, the strength training effect is emphasized through the front leg muscles.  The back leg will often feel stretching and opening at the front of the hip.  Most of us are tight in this area, making this exercise multi-functional.  Find a step or a chair to set you back foot on.  Let your back knee point directly to the ground.  Bend your front knee until you reach a 90-degree angle with the front leg.  Straighten the front leg to return to your starting position and repeat.

Day 20

Elevated Rear Foot Lunge – 20 Per Leg (Same Leg, then Repeat on the other side)

Day 21

Last Day!!  You have made it……Congratulations…..let’s celebrate by mixing things up.

10 Lateral Lunges Alternating Legs (10 reps on each leg)

10 Reverse Lunges Alternating Legs

10 Forward Lunges Alternating Legs

10 Elevated Rear Foot Lunges (Complete one side and then switch legs and repeat)

The best part of completing the Cityline Lunge Challenge, is that you now  know how to perform several variations of one of the BEST exercises ever invented……The Lunge!!  Congratulations and be sure to join us for the next Cityline Challenge!

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