ENTER NOW: Get your guest room refreshed by a Cityline expert!

Could your guest room use a bit of a refresh? Make your guests feel more at home with a designer's touch.

Sometimes all your space is missing is a designer’s touch—let us give your guest room an upgrade!

Click here to see what our experts did with the last refresh challenge!

If you’re the lucky winner, you may just find one of our experts at your doorstep and you could appear on an upcoming episode of Cityline!

Email submissions@cityline.tv with the subject line: ‘Guest Room Refresh’ with the following:

  1. A photo of your guest room
  2. A photo of you
  3. Your phone number, address + location
  4. Tell us what you would like to see changed! (Note: This will be a decor makeover only)

By submitting your email, you are consenting to have one of our experts redesign your space.

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