DIY a natural wood beaded chandelier

Convert your own lampshade into a wooden chandelier in just 5 steps.



pendant light kit

wood beads in three sizes

hemp twine

embroidery hoop

spray paint


light bulb

How To:

  1. Remove the fabric from the lampshade. Turn it upside down so the smaller circle becomes the base of the chandelier.
  2. Tie one piece of twine to the base of the lampshade frame. Thread the beads. I did five small, five medium and three large. Tie the twine tightly to the top of the shade. Repeat until you have covered the shade with strings of beads.
  3. Place the outer part of the embroidery hoop (the one that adjusts in size) around the top of the shade (to hide the knots of the twine) and tighten in place.
  4. Spray paint the chandelier following instructions. You will need two or three coats.
  5. Attach the lightbulb to the pendant light kit and suspend from the ceiling.

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