DIY a minimalist leaning wardrobe in 10 easy steps

Make your own customizable wardrobe and let your clothes be the centre of attention.

Your clothes don’t need to be hidden away in a closet! Display your pieces on this minimalist leaning wardrobe that even has a little cubby for your favourite shoes or handbag.


  • 2 – 2×2 fancy pine lumber – 8 feet long (vertical supports)
  • 1 – 2×2 fancy pine lumber – 3 feet long (cross bar)
  • 2 – 1” thick wooden dowel – 39” long (hang bar)
  • 1 – IKEA EKET box in any colour
  • 4 – 3” long wood screws
  • 5 –  2” long wood screws
  • Carpenters Glue



  • Electric Drill
  • 15/16 hole drill bit
  • Tape Measuring
  • Hand Saw


  1. Build the IKEA EKET box following the instructions provided by IKEA.
  2. Drill a 15/16 hole 30” from the top of each of the 8 foot lengths
  3. Drill a second hole 20” from the top of each of the 8-foot lengths.
  4. Attach the 2×2 cross bar 12” up from the bottom of the two 8-foot lengths with the 3” screws (2 screws at each end).
  5. Slide the wooden dowel through the holes 20” from the top of the two 8-foot lengths. Note this will be snug.
  6. Slide the second wooden dowel through the holes 30” from the top of the two 8-foot lengths. Note this can be glued with wood glue to ensure a stronger frame.
  7. Lean the frame against the wall.
  8. Rest the EKET box on the bottom cross bar snug up to one side of the wardrobe. Make sure it balances on its own.
  9. Screw in three screws into the bottom of the box to attach it to the bottom cross bar.
  10. Screw in two 2” screws into the side of the wardrobe – attaching it to one of the vertical 2×2 supports.


All that is left to do is hang your clothes!


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