Weight Loss Challenge Start-Up Package

Join Cityline and Dr. Joey Shulman for the 2020 Weight Loss Challenge—start your weight loss journey and feel great!

The 10th annual Cityline Weight Loss Challenge is about to begin. Over the past 9 years this challenge has become one of the most popular segments on Cityline. From coast to coast – we have received thousands of emails and posts about heath being re-gained, weight being lost, confidence and energy soaring and most of all, men and women feeling like their best selves again.

Watch Cityline on January 15 for the official launch of the 2020 Cityline Weight Loss Challenge and meet the new challengers!

A Message From Dr. Joey:

If you are new to the Cityline Weight Loss Challenge…here is how this works. I will be with you for the entire journey – 5 months in total! From watching our segments on Cityline to downloading my meal plans and recipes, joining our Facebook group and reading my articles on cityline.tv – there is an enormous amount of inspiration and support that will be made available to you. Not only will you lose your weight – I will also guide you how to keep your weight off for life!

If you are a little nervous about getting started, don’t be! Once you review the start up package below, you will soon discover how easy my program is to follow. So are you ready to feel great and enjoy some delicious food? Here we go!

A Little About The Program:

I am a firm believer that understanding the ‘why’ behind my program will help you in your journey. Over the years working at my clinics, writing my books and working with the unbelievable team at Cityline, I have been part of the most amazing heath transformations. As you will soon discover, my approach is not about calorie counting, deprivation or starvation. In fact, you will be eating quite a lot of food! The program is hormonally-based with an emphasis on quality calories and eating clean. Timing and combination of various foods becomes important, as does picking the right types of foods to help boost your metabolism. In a nutshell, I will outline a system of eating that balances your blood sugars, all the while burning unwanted fat. When you do eat in this manner, you will soon discover the pounds start to melt away.  Any age, any stage, this can work for you and can be incorporated into any lifestyle.

Are you ready to make 2020 your healthiest year yet? Let’s move the needle on the scale and on your health in the right direction. All you have to do is follow the simple steps outlined below.

What you will need:

  • A Computer Or iPhone—Be sure to join our Cityline Facebook group for support, ideas, alerts on new information and recipe-sharing. In order to join, visit this link. Our Cityline facilitator will accept your request and you will officially be part of our group. On the Facebook forum, we also discuss successes, challenges and are also always there to boost each other up!
  • A Scale—Digital is best
  • A Cloth Measuring Tape
  • A Printer—print off your entire ‘start-up package’

You start-up package includes:

  1. Your Personal ‘Why’ Sheet
  2. Your Measurement Instruction Sheet
  3. 30-Day Food Journal
  4. Success Tracker Sheet
  5. Meal Plan
  6. Your WLC Grocery List
  7. Dr. Joey’s 10 Steps To Success

Be sure to read the start up package in its entirety before starting the program. Good luck, you got this!