The Dirt on Dirt: See all of our swab results here

Those germs might not be hiding where you think...

Today on Cityline, lifestyle experts Shoana Jensen and Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault ventured around the city swabbing remotes, ATM machines and public bathrooms for germs. The results might not be what you expect…

However, the city of Toronto’s grimy surfaces weren’t the only items in the hot seat. Our audience members had their wallets, phones and purses swabbed for bacteria—Tracy Moore even tested her cell phone! Check out all of the results below:

Germ Squad Legend: 
0-300 – Clean Area
300-1000 – Caution
1000+ – Danger Zone 


1. Atm Machine: 871

Man's using the ATM machine with cash cards and entering PIN/pass code on keypad.


2. Computer Keyboard: 3759

Hands and computer close up.


3. Dog Toy: 679

Boston terrier playing with her rubber ball


4. Lunch Box: 2049

Two packed lunches in lunchboxes. Including fruit and processed foods.


5. Cutting Board: 2451

Cutting board on dark wood background, top view


6. Public Subway Railing: 188

Empty underground flight of stairs


7. Hotel Remote Control: 202

A hotel remote sitting on a plush bed.


8. Washcloth: 4411

Getting ready to do some cleaning with an ultra violet dishrag


9. Fridge at Work: 5388

full refrigerator and very dirty


10. Public Toilet: 1538

Toilet stall in a public restroom needs to be cleaned. RM


11. Kitchen Sponge: 3042

Soapy Green Sponge in White Sink, Copy Space


12. Shopping Cart Handle: 112

Asian woman pulling a shopping cart in a supermarket.


13. Tracy’s Phone: 124

Blank smart phone screen with blank notebook on marble desk with copy space

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