WATCH: Tracy Moore swabs her phone for germs

How dirty will it be?

Today on Cityline, lifestyle experts Shoana Jensen and Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault ventured around the city swabbing remotes, ATM machines and public bathrooms for germs. The results might not be what you expect…

However, the city of Toronto’s grimy surfaces weren’t the only items in the hot seat. Our audience members had their wallets, phones and purses swabbed for bacteria—Tracy Moore even tested her cell phone! Check out the results below.




Drum roll please! Tracy’s phone rang in at a mere 124! This score is modest compared to Shoana and Leigh-Ann’s other swabs—a computer keyboard rang in at 3759, while a public ATM rang in at 871. Tracy—you have a very clean phone!

Check out the rest of the results from our fabulous germ squad here.


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