Our 2018 Weight Loss Challengers Share Their Health and Fitness Advice

If you’ve been following our 2018 Cityline Weight Loss Challenge (our biggest year yet!), you know that our challengers have been working OT to achieve their all of their weight loss, fitness and health goals. Five months ago, four women (and everyone following along at home), set out to change their lives. With Dr. Joey’s guidance, they transformed their bodies and inspired millions of viewers from coast to coast. The tireless meal planning, rigorous workouts and emotional breakthroughs have all lead up to today, and we want to hear their biggest takeaways from the experience.

Below, weight loss, motivation and fitness tips from the 2018 Cityline Weight Loss Challengers who continue to inspire us all.


Joanne – lost 32 pounds!

“OK, here we go…. I remember back to that first interview with Cityline thinking, how the heck am I going to do this?  What if I don’t succeed?  Oh my gosh, this is going to be so much work!

So yes, it has been work…planning, grocery shopping, cooking and preparing.  And yes, some willpower!  But I realize that I have gained more than I have lost.  Sure, I’ve lost over 30 lbs and 15 or so inches (and wearing a loose size 10!)…but I have gained so much self-confidence and a huge appreciation for a life that I didn’t think was achievable.  I can move better and without aches and pains (most of the time), run up the stairs, cross my legs and reach over and tie my shoes without effort!  One of my major goals was to get off of my hypertension medication and I am happy to report I have been off it for a few weeks now and my BP numbers are great!

Sugar will always be a “thing” for me, but now I have tools to help and recipes to make so I can have occasional treats and satisfy my sweet tooth cravings.  So thank you to Cityline and Joey…for choosing me to partake in a journey that I am not quite done with..but am so very proud of the woman I have become.  I think my body finally reflects the “me” I always knew I was on the inside!”


Julia – lost 31 pounds!

“When I first saw Tracy’s Instagram post encouraging her followers to join the 2018 Cityline Weight Loss Challenge, I was lying in bed sick as a dog. I think I was on my fourth cold in as many months and was getting so fed up with myself and my lack of health. So I thought to myself – why not? I knew something drastic needed to be done to get myself out of this funk and on to a better version of me that I knew was deep in there. And I’m so glad I took that chance! This journey was not just about losing the weight for me – it was about finding and loving myself again – fat cells and all. Finding the person I knew who was desperately trying to get out, but I kept her away with emotional eating and poor food and activity choices. Meeting Dr Joey and following her meal plan has forever changed the way I think, the way I feel and how I react to food in such a positive way – I no longer think that food is the enemy and instead treat it as my friend. Sometimes I need to tell that friend to go away and leave me alone for a few hours, and other times I eagerly anticipate seeing it again but with different eyes (zucchini noodles anyone?).  This is a major lifestyle change for me, and for my family as well, and one that we won’t let go away.”


Natalie – lost 31 pounds!

“My weight had increased more and more over the years. I stopped smoking and put on weight, then became a high school science teacher which left me little time to plan and prepare meals. So I would have a glass of wine or two most nights to relax and snack in between planning and marking. Then I moved to a whole new country and it was amazing but also stressful. My husband and I ate out a lot! Especially because we didn’t have any kitchenware, to begin with. The weight kept on piling on and my clothes were getting tighter. I was very unhappy and didn’t enjoy going out because my confidence levels dropped significantly.

Now I feel completely different. The clothes I haven’t worn in years but kept, now fit me and I feel so much more confident. For the first time in a very long time, I am excited about the summer and being able to wear dresses and not covering up with baggy sweaters. I still have a way to go – I would like to lose a few more pounds and also increase my fitness levels now I have started to run. But overall, the whole process has been amazing. I am so grateful for Cityline, Dr Joey, and the other challengers, who are great motivators and even better friends. I am so much healthier and happy now! My life really has changed for the better! Thank you.”




Melissa – lost 47 pounds!

“Thank you Cityline!”

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